Are you interested in lending a hand at the Urban Homestead and learning new skills at the same time?  Over the years, we have acquired many skills and the know-how and are happy to share and inspire others. Plus… you know that saying that farm work is never done? Jumpin grasshoppers, aint that the truth! With all the homestead happenings – there’s plenty of work and jobs to be done – and sometimes done all over again.

We will work alongside our volunteers doing chores, building, maintenance projects and hands on self reliance skills. Sometimes the task range from helping in the kitchen, making jam, building a pallet fence or sowing some seeds.

Volunteer Days are preferred on Mondays or Wednesday afternoons during a flexible 2pm-6pm time slot.

No smoking, drugs or alcohol are allowed. We reserve the right to refuse and or to terminate previous volunteering agreements.

We require all volunteers to sign a Release of Liability Waiver, where you will agree to not hold the Urban Homestead accountable for injury or accident whilst on premise. Print, sign and provide physical copy.