Das Homestead! (STERN MAGAZINE)

Das homestead in (German) Stern magazine! Sehr gut

We share an article with a few other “preppers”  in last week’s issue of Stern Magazine (German)  — print form only. Sorry no digital.

What does the article have to say?   Well, we are waiting for someone to translate it for us.

Stay tuned.



  1. Linda says

    If you wanted to scan it and e-mail a copy, I could have a go at translating for you. I’m pretty slow at it, so I don’t promise quick results, but I do have backups in Berlin and Bremen to whom I can turn if I get stuck.

  2. G. says

    “We share an article with a few other “preppers” in last week’s issue of Stern Magazine (German)”

    Were the other “preppers” from different countries? If so, what other countries were represented? I am assuming that it is a positive article! It is really great what your family is doing.

    We have a portfolio of skills that allow us the freedom to do many things for ourselves. There is a lot of gratification in climbing the steep learning curve and having a job well done. People have lost the satisfaction and joy of making and doing.

    Do we have a society of grasshoppers and few ants?

  3. Mitzy says

    Nice pic!

  4. Lars says

    oh, the next issue of the stern was out already. no chance to get the article anymore here in german stores. 🙁
    if you have the text and need help with the translation: i’m in!!

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