In Memory of Jules Dervaes (1947-2016)

It’s with deepest sadness that we announce that Jules C. Dervaes, Jr., age 69, passed away as a result of a pulmonary embolism.

Dad has stood up his whole life for everything he believed in: never surrendering, never compromising, never wavering in his beliefs, his principles. Dad thought everything–no matter how big or how small–was worth fighting for.

Dad would try to right every wrong, correct every injustice and fix every mistake. Maybe that was his biggest flaw, but, just maybe, that was his greatest asset.

Dad never retired, never gave up, never stopped working, never stopped dreaming, never lost sight of the ultimate goal. There were times when we wished Dad would just let it go because it was just not worth it. However, that trait is what made Dad worth everything.

The last person Dad ever took care of was himself. His sincere concern for others’ well-being was evident to all who knew him. Dad’s smile and laughter touched many.

There are not many times in modern life when one can say God stepped in and intervened. This time, God had the final say, giving him the rest and release that Dad would never give to himself.

Although this chapter of Dad’s life has ended, God willing, we intend to carry on the work that he started.

In the name of our father,
Jules C. Dervaes, Jr. (1947-2016)

Anais, Justin and Jordanne Dervaes


We want to personally express our sincere gratitude, our thanks and our love to our friends, our family, our neighbors, and to everyone who came by, chipped in, stepped up, and was there with and for us.

There was no way we could possibly have made it through this time by ourselves. It is absolutely humbling how many people Dad touched.

Every person, every story, every prayer, everything meant so much to us. THANK YOU!

Our family asks for privacy at this time and will be issuing no further comments.

If you like to support the homestead during this transition time – here’s how to make donation


  1. Jules Rawick says:

    I am sorry to hear this. Big Hugs.
    Jules Rawick

    • Michelle says:

      I am so sad and sorry for your loss. I always thought your father was such an amazing man.

    • chip des says:

      Just came on your news my uncle lived not far from you he lived there from the fifties till 1985? he probably knew Jules, Thomas Bright with daughter Cathy, I am heartsick of hearing of your father’s death I wish I could have met him, I am sharing your web site with all of us here in Pennsylvania and I hope you could get donations to your worthwhile cause, I never met Jules, and yet I miss him. Let me know if you knew of my uncle who lived right in Pasadena, thanks for all you do.

  2. Kim Holley says:

    I am so sorry to hear of this and my prayers will be with the 3 of you as you honor your father and continue the march.

  3. Manny says:

    God blesses all of them

  4. Peter says:

    May God give you all peace of mind as we know that Christ is our Redeemer and we will all meet on that day when He returns and we receive our loved ones back. God bless you all.

  5. Belinda says:

    I am so sorry to hear of your father’s passing. Six years ago I stumbled upon a video of what you all are doing. I was totally in awe and inspired. A little at a time over the years we have tried our hands in homesteading. We have inspired our neighbors, and I reference you all. God bless your efforts to spread this knowledge! And peace to you during this loss.

  6. Marie Cole says:

    I am so very sorry to learn of your Dads passing.He seemed to be a wonderful person.That smile just lit up his whole face.I kinda know what ya ll are going through.I lost my husband back in June,2016.I will keep all three of you in my prayers.May God bless and keep you through this trying time.

  7. C Euresti says:

    This past summer all I would ever look into online were the Dervaes Family. Tonight as I was browsing for Anais in Knit Together (since I’m sitting here knitting by myself) and noticed the “In Memory of Jules Dervaes ” I am in total shock to learn that Mr. Jules has past on, not even a week ago. I’m truly sorry, it is always very painful to loose a parent no matter the age. Keeping Anais and siblings in much prayer for strength and that you all will be able to cope throughout the days to come. May God strengthen all of you and bless you mightily.

  8. Kit SPRINGS says:

    Your dad was such an inspiration to many. He will be missed. Keep strong and keep moving forward. Blessings to you all.

  9. Catie says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. My prayers go out to your family during this time.

  10. Bobbi says:

    God bless your family.
    Keep the vision and your faith.

  11. Brian Scott Toney says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. Jules was a visionary standing out from the sheepple.
    Blessings to your family.

  12. Duane Dulay says:

    I’m so so sorry for your loss, my heart sank when I read the news. Your dad is such a blessing and I can’t say enough good things about him. I feel very fortunate and blessed to have had the opportunities to visit him and your family, was the best of times!
    God bless this Family.

  13. Terry Miller says:

    This is such sad news. The world has lost an example of independent thinking and self honesty. I don’t believe that there are too many people who work so hard to live their beliefs. Your loss will be felt by many.

  14. meijun fan says:

    I feel horrible sorry for your big loss!
    I cannot believe this! It is the most sad news I have ever heard. My heart is crying for him. I still remember I talked with him on Nov.13, one Chinese girl, me and he sat on the same bench for almost one hour. He could not walk without a crutch due to his leg problem which I thought was a minor thing. He will recover soon definately. Our group also did an interview with him for about a half of hour at the same evening. His story inspires and touches us deeply.
    He died in such young age and it is a big loss for everyone in the community. I still cannot believe this.
    I hope Dervaes family will carry on his vision and he will be very happy to watch it from heaven. I and our Chinese will remember him forever because he inspires us so much and so deep. He is a part of us now.
    Is there any memorial service for Mr. Jules Dervaes?

  15. Susan says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. May God comfort your family at this sad time.

  16. chuck & Mary Workman says:

    So sorry to hear this sad news. Bless you all at this time and the times ahead. Your father was a wonderful person and always had a great smile. Chuck

  17. Nicole says:

    I am very sorry for your loss.Your dad, as you three have been and still are, was a great inspiration to me over the last few years.
    Thank you all for your work and for sharing it so freely and generously.
    I will you well.

  18. Jonathan says:

    I’ve been struggling to find the right words so forgive me…
    Since I was a child, I’ve always been around gardeners and gardens but it wasn’t until I stumbled across your blog 8 years ago that I found true inspiration. I want you to know that it was the leadership and vision of your father (and the passion and hard work of you three) that provided that inspiration. The first time that I saw pics of your yard, beautifully full of life and thoughtfully tended by stewards of the earth, that I knew the importance of both keeping gardening a strong part of my life but also teaching my kids its importance. Your dad’s vision and leadership did that for me and my family. The first time I saw pics of your yard, I knew that a person’s living situation need not be a barrier to growing beautiful and abundant food. Your dad thought me that. The first time I saw pics of your yard, I knew that some day I wanted to make gardening/small ag a major focus in my life. Your dad was that inspiration. I just wanted you to know that, for me and my family at least, your dad (and you three) was a huge inspiration that I will always remember.

  19. Leah Workman says:

    ever since I have stumbled upon all of you and what you have been doing you have become an inspiration to us in our family. I am so sorry for your loss and may God help you in your time of need, and give you strength. May God bless you all.

  20. Darlene Ke says:

    I am so sorry to hear of your dad’s passing. What a loss to the world. He was truly an inspiration to many of us . Your family remains in our hearts and prayers.

  21. Karen says:

    I am so sorry. Your dad was an iconoclast. He marched to the beat of his own drum, and fought off or ignored those who couldn’t see his vision. He has left you quite a legacy, but raised you to be capable of carrying on with your own lives and your own visions. I’ve been inspired by his example for many years. I hope you will carry on his work, but if your personal visions take you in another direction, then may you succeed and be happy.

  22. Doris says:

    Your father and the family have been an inspiration to us to start on our own homesteading journey. I am so very sad to hear of his passing – he has left an indelible mark on the world and will never be forgotten – even way over the other side of the world here in Tasmania (a small island at the bottom of Australia). He is remembered, admired and blessed by us every time we go into our own urban garden.
    Deepest condolences and much love to you all as you travel along the road of grief. A consolation is the pride your father had in your all. No greater tribute to him than continuing what he started.
    Warm regards
    Doris Rosenkranz

  23. Martha says:

    Loving the memory,share ing the grief.. Looking forward to the resurrection ?in the sweet by and by..?

  24. chi Lee says:

    It is terrible to hear about your loss and I express my sincere sympathy to you and your family. Your father has inspired me and millions of others to take back the power of growing food and living sustainably . He was a true revolutioner, a wholistic healer who knows the true meaning of healing. Thank you Jules and your family to make this world a better place .

  25. Rachelle Dervaes Deats says:

    So very sorry to learn of Jules’ passing. Cousins, we grew up together in Tampa, our fathers were brothers. Worlds apart now…..Many blessings on your family, wishing you peace and strength in your time of need! <3

  26. Mujahid says:

    From God we come and to Him we return. I learned about Jules and the urban homestead taking my children to school everyday. Seeing what he was doing contributed to opening my eyes to how everyone has the potential to align their values with their actions right where they are. I pray for the continued progress and success of the urban homestead and thank you all for opening your home to our school.

  27. Martine Warner says:

    His positivity and courage are such an example for lots of us.
    MERCI .

  28. Sheila says:

    I haven’t visited your site for quite a while and was so sorry to hear of Jules’ passing. My condolences to you. I’m so glad that you are going to continue the work he started. You are truly an inspiration to so many of us who love digging, planting, harvesting and living according to God. Thank you again for all of your hard work.

  29. Will says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. He was an inspiration and visionary. My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time.

  30. Julie Ann Coleman says:

    I stumbled across your beautiful home and home life a few years ago and was so inspired and in ah of what your family has done. I just read about your fathers passing. May God’s peace and comfort which passes all human understanding be yours now and forever. May you also be guided by God’s holy guidance in the days and weeks to come. Thank you for all your hard work showing us how it can be done. May God lead you to other men and women who you can trust to help you carry on your fathers legend. And may you grow to have families of your own to love and carry on such blessing here on Earth.

  31. Emma says:

    I’m so very sorry to hear this sad news. Like many others here I was deeply inspired by your family’s creative vision, and had followed the transformation of your beautiful urban oasis since learning about it many years ago in a magazine. A few years ago, at the Georgia Organics Conference, I was fortunate enough to meet you all at one of the workshops. After the workshop I had a lovely conversation with your dad and one of you girls. He was a warm, lovely person, clearly passionate about tending to his little corner of the earth with care and integrity, and eager to share his knowledge. Over the years I’ve thought back to that conversation for inspiration as I’ve tried to re-create a similar urban oasis here in the SE. Please accept my sincere condolences. One love to all of you as you continue carrying forth Jules’s vision in your lovely little corner of our precious planet.

  32. R Bullot says:

    Dear Dervaes Family,

    What a shock to just now read of your loss. I am speechless.

    Raewyn Bullot
    Hawkes Bay

  33. David EcoVillage says:

    At the beginning I did not want to accept this, because your dad is MY SUPER HERO and I felt terribly down with this, and even though I know death is a NATURAL process, it was not acceptable by my unnatural energy of the ego, as I wanted to meet him and you guys someday. I am from Colombia, South America, and known you guys since almost 7 or 8 years ago, and my dream is someday to go to the US and California specifically and be able to visit you guys, meet you finally and get to know your lovely and powerful home full of Light, Love and protecting green.

    I have loved your dad as much as you guys, in the same way that I have loved you guys too for you three obeying and following your dad’s vision, and trust me that I feel just like you as a son of his !!! He is and will always be my Super Hero !!!!!

  34. Elizabeth says:

    I see you in YouTube. I really sorry. Please continue with the same way. Saludos desde Jalisco México

  35. De Melo says:

    Mes sincères condoléances. J’ ai regardé toutes vos vidéos sur YouTube aujourd’hui. J’ai adoré. C est en visitant votre site que j ai appris la mauvaise nouvelle. Votre père était quelqu’un d’extraordinaire. Il a fait un travail génial. Il a su si bien s occuper de ses enfants et de sa terre. Cette terre qui lui a bien rendu. Vous êtes un espoir dans mon cœur, qu un jour on aura tous un petit jardin et qu on cultivera une nourriture saine, pour les humains et pour la terre. Continuez c est magnifique. Bisous du Luxembourg. Anabela

  36. Marie Brodeur says:

    So very very sorry to hear about the passing of your dad. He lives on within each of you and through you.
    I ônly found your site last night and this morning I find out about your dad. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  37. Tony says:

    You all are an inspiration to many! Jules´ (jewel) memory will live long in our hearts. When he speaks to you in your dreams he probably says…..the Divine Plan continues; there is nothing to regret, not even death—a natural thing. God bless you!

  38. Alison says:

    How wonderful that he left such a beautiful legacy to his family (and the world) through the creation of the gardens. With each meal you can share in his love and joy.

  39. Shawna Beese says:

    Your family has been a God sent inspiration to mine for the past 2 years. Words cannot express how sad I am for your family, my family, and the world with the passing of your dad. God bless you!

  40. Sheri Christensen says:

    I’m so saddened about your lose! I have followed your site with much interest. Especially that your dad had the love, interest, and willingness to follow his vision! May the Lord bless each of you at this time, and give you strength to carry on! Blessing your way…

  41. BanDana Gramma says:

    Six years ago I was TOTALLY inspired by your dad’s story to turn my grass lawns into vegetable gardens and I haven’t looked back. My heart goes out to you, the family, for the loss your father, a wonderful man and urban pioneer. May God bless you all and comfort you beyond what seems possible. I know you have great memories. He left a legacy.. God bless you all.

  42. JANA REED says:

    Jules was and will always be a great inspiration to me as I grow more and more of my own food on what land God has bestowed upon me, Peace, Love and Blessings to you all. Love ya all Jana.

  43. Claire says:

    I have known about the incredible transformational magic Jules (and you, his children) have worked on a small urban plot in Pasedena for some time. Definitely a member of the Dervaes fan club. But I did not know of his passing till today, when I was stopping by for some spring planting inspiration. I am so sad to hear, and although it is only the turning of the great wheel life, it makes me pause and reflect on the gift of Jules’ work.

    I hope you continue in his footsteps Anais, Justin and Jordanne. Blessings to you all.

  44. Steven White says:

    REALLY sorry to hear that. I loved that video of your urban farm.

  45. Laura Browning says:

    I am so sorry for your loss… The world has lost a wonderful pioneer in Urban Farming and Self Sufficiency… You guys are in my prayers…

  46. Carolyn Blakeney says:

    Just found out today, and so sorry to hear of Jules’ passing. May he be in Heaven’s garden now, showing others how to plant that last square inch.

  47. Dee Hatcher says:

    My heart felt condolences. I just saw the post when I was showing my husband your video. Your father and you all have been my inspiration since I saw your video a hear ago. We bought a small farm and want to pattern your success. God bless you all.

  48. Jogi Panda says:

    My deepest condolences. Your dad hugely inspired me to start my own backyard garden. The work he has left behind will be inspiration to many for years to come.

  49. Collier says:

    Your family has been a large influence in my life, I quit my desk job moved to California, attended a potluck, listened you your father.. Your family motivates me even now while I live in Ecuador your influence is still felt… Let light engulf you all in love and keep you safe and keep you full of joy. Shine bright, the world is ready to embrace more like you. Much Love.

  50. Susan says:

    I’m sorry to learn that your dad has passed away. I recall when I first watched one of his videos on Youtube. My first impression was “wow, he knows so much!” Of course, I went to your website and was so impressed to read how your dad started this business. What a wonderful legacy he has left for you and for so many of us. Although his journey has ended here on earth, his journey in heaven has just begun. Nothing can compare to heaven where there is only beauty, joy, love, peace. He is home now.

    May our Lord light your path and guide you. May he strengthen your faith as you too continue on your journey here on earth. God Bless you.

  51. Kathleen says:

    Your dear father will be missed by so many he never met. May the outpouring of love from those who have found much joy and valuable information from him and you lovely children give you some small measure of comfort as you process the stages of grief. Wherever your paths take you, know that you and your father will always be an inspiration to people all over the world. Namaste, dear ones.

  52. Ana Luisa Barrantes says:

    Lamento mucho su pérdida. El trabajo que ustedes como familia emprendieron, es ejemplo para muchos en todo el planeta.
    Dios haya recibido a su padre, y los llene a ustedes de la fortaleza para continuar con este sueño.
    Un gran abrazo.

  53. Dave Iverson says:

    So sorry to hear this…I show “Homegrown Revolution” to my 11th grade students every year in conjunction with teaching “Walden.” In getting my materials ready this morning, I came across this news and was so saddened. I’d always hoped to meet your dad one day, to tell him that your family has inspired many hundreds of kids who’ve come through my class over the years.

  54. Amanda Moore says:

    Blessings to your family. Truly saddened to hear of the loss of your father, he has inspired me for years that anything you put your mind to is possible.

  55. Emily Brown says:

    I just learned of your Dad’s passing when I went to your website for spring planting inspiration. What your Dad created on his tiny city lot in LA is just amazing and a great inspiration to everyone who strives to live a simpler life using what God gave us. I’m sorry for your loss and ours.

  56. carolyn smith says:

    So Sorry for your loss. The Lord must of needed your Dad for his garden.Not only did he raise beautiful gardens but children as well so keep up the good work, you are the whole inspiration for my garden.What you RE DOING IS AMAZING! I hope to see more videos from you. I hope you continue what youre dad started and make it even better in his honor. P.S. i name my plants, iv’e named my beautiful baby white pine Jules after your Dad. (thought you would like that)

  57. Karen R Rickers says:

    I’ve just this minute learned of your father’s passing, and am so sorry for your loss. Your dad, and the Devraes family, started me on a journey to learn more about sustainable agriculture and growing my own food. What you’ve accomplished is remarkable. I can only say that your dad seems to have had a rich and wonderful life, and he’ll be remembered with affection.

  58. Tsil says:

    Truly sorry . I just discovered the permaculture mouvement in 2015 and we lost Bill Mollison in 2016 . at the same time I meet the dervaes family on YouTube ans de lost

  59. Merle Peens says:

    I live in South Africa in a little place called St Francis Bay. I recently stumbled on your sites and am in absolute awe of your achievements and your family commitments. There is nothing that has inspired me so much to take the same steps even at 67. If I travel to the states again I will definitely be looking to meet you. I was very very sad to then read that your dad and husband has passed on, but please rest in the knowledge that he inspired, even as far as a little corner in Africa.!! I am an estate agent, but am truly battling to even concentrate on property sales, especially with my back yard at the back of my office. So lovely family, THANK YOU FOR YOUR INSPIRATION, I look at life so differently now, you have no idea!!.. warmest regards Merle

  60. William McGill says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss.
    I can’t tell you, how many times, I’ve viewed the video on YouTube, featuring all the great things he, and all of you, have accomplished.
    I’m sure you miss him dearly.

  61. Melba says:

    It is with true sadness that I learn of your loss. This man was a true inspiration to all of us who love God and his beautiful earth and my prayers and best wishes go with you as you continue this fine work he started. May you have great blessings as you follow in his steps while creating your own life and may you find great joy in it. Most sincerely, Melba Dagan

  62. Carol Peterson says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. Your dad was an inspiration to me to expand my small spaces and use as much as possible for food. His ideas were revolutionary and I thank all of you for showing us what we can do in a small space. He was definitely a visionary and he is watching over you and giving you guidance now. I remember hearing that he was looking for others to join the family endeavor and wondered if he was slowing down. Today is the first I’ve heard from your family since then, so now I understand the absence. Please remember all the goodness and enjoy your holiday time together with each other and with all of us your family has inspired, who will be with you in spirit. Thank you.

  63. Robert Denning says:

    Jules was a visionary. The kind of visionary the world needs today. A renaissance man who is loved, and missed by all who knew his heart, God bless you Jules. RIP

  64. FrannyandDanny says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I only just found this out when visiting your website. Your father and all of you have always been so inspiring to me and I appreciate and express deep gratitude to you all. With love from Australia.

  65. Jacqueline Jakle says:

    Dear Anais, Justin, and Jordanne ~ I was very sad to read the news of your father’s passing. Such an inspirational man, with an amazing talent, and a loving, talented family, is a great loss. My heart goes out to your family and I will keep your father and you all in my prayers. I have followed your story for many years and I am inspired every time I read about you, and I learned a lot when I attended a class at your home. I look forward to catching up on your happenings and hope to visit your home in the near future. I hope your love for your dad, and special memories, help to comfort you. I wish you peace for your hearts, and continued success with your family business.

  66. tg says:

    i just wondered how you guys were doing. when i saw the in remembrance. So sorry to hear about your father. He was my inspiration many years ago. Continue on in his name. God Bless.

  67. Sean says:

    I just now learned of your fathers passing & it has hit me hard! I’m so heartbroken. He was a visionary. H was a pioneer, But really, you three are as well. You all made this such a pioneering effort. I truly hope you keep his vision in clear view.
    Keep up the good work, fight the tough fight.
    Much respect!!!!!

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