Blackberry Jam


We are blessed to have an abundance of blackberries this year.    I confess, I am hoarding them (sorry, farmbox subscribers!) to make preserves. I love making preserves and a few years back I kicked the box habit  — using any store bought (boxed) pectin for my jam making.   Yes,

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Avocado Toast


Even homesteaders have to admit, there are some days they are  too durn busy to cook.   We start the day with good intentions but then we blow past lunch and, before you know it hunger strikes – it’s dinner time and your stomach is  fit to be tied. Toast has

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DIY Pallet Planter Fence


Being thrifty homesteaders, we are always on the look out for clever and creative ways to re-use things.   A friend of ours had a bunch of pallets and wondered if we wanted them.  Heck, yeah!  Who can turn down free wood?  Pallets ( seeds, plants, baby chicks and canning jars)

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Tomato plants are in ground and getting bigger and bushier by the day.   Flowers have appeared and we are sooooo anticipating the first tomato of the season!  Mmmmm, mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Many garden sources say one should pinch (prune) tomatoes suckers (the growth between main stems

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Square Foot Gardener Founder Passes Away


 “80 percent of a garden was wasted space — “space that doesn’t need to be fertilized, watered or improved, but does need to be weeded.” Mel Bartholomew, one of the pioneers of urban agriculture, passed away this week.   Bartholomew encouraged gardeners to abandon the tradition of row gardening and grow

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La familia que produce miles de kilos de comida en el patio de su casa (BBC Mundo)


Beatriz Díez BBC Mundo, Los Ángeles / May 6, 2016 See original article Lo que empezó como una afición se convirtió en un estilo y filosofía de vida: una “revolución casera”, como la presentan sus creadores, la familia Dervaes. Jules Dervaes vive con sus hijos Anais, Justin y Jordanne en

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Homestead Crafts: Canning Lid Flower


For those of us who like to “Put Up” one can never have too many canning jars; however,  there comes a tipping point when you MUST deal with too many used lids and rims.  Well, at least for me.  LOL I am always searching for creative crafts to use up

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Chicken Butt!


Guess what?   Far from being a silly rhyme-arific, for farming folks, there’s something to be had for clean chicken butts!  A fluffy and clean backside is a sign of a healthy and happy hen. I recall a time when we were teaching one of our Raising Chickens class one of

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DE Dusting


The last 5 winters have been a dry one for Southern California.  This winter we had a bit rain more, though still short of normal,  but nothing like the Godzilla of El Nino that they were forecasting.  With spring just a few days away and now that we have an

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Earth Hour


Exposure to bright light at night can disrupt the internal clocks that make our various circadian cycles tick. Such cycles affect behavioral rhythms, daily changes in blood and urine chemistry, and the production of melatonin, a hormone involved in wake/sleep cycles and body-temperature fluctuations that is produced at night by

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