• Power of One: Interview with Anais Dervaes

    The Urban Homestead has been around for over 20 years. It grows organic fruits and vegetables for the Dervaes family and for the surrounding community on just a the quarter acre of land in Pasadena, CA. Serving as an educational hub for urban farming and sustainable living, the UH grows

  • Urban Homestead Radio Podcast: Falling into Fall (Ep 69)

    In this episode; Justin talks about what’s growing in the garden, powdering bees with sugar. Jordanne talks about tips to keep your flock healthy in fall. Anais discusses their volunteer and after school farm to table program and shares one of her favorite peach cobbler recipes. The family also talks

  • Urban Homestead Radio Podcast: Nearing the End of Summer

    Summer is nearing an end, Justin talks about what’s growing in the garden and the challenges he’s had to face with one of the hottest July on record. Anais talks about her job transition and shares a simple salad recipe. Jordanne talks about the crazy ant and mosquito invasion that’s

  • Summer Happenings

      Hey Homesteaders! I haven’t been blogging much. Sorry!  We are still here,  growing along with the change of seasons.  We’ve been keeping our followers updated with ‘Homestead Happenings’ on our Urban Homestead Podcast.   This week, we uploaded our 67th episode and have nearly 1/2 million downloads in over 70

  • Urban Homestead Radio Podcast: Loss & Transition

    The family deals with another sudden loss. Anais & Jordanne share the unexpected and sad news of loosing their jobs. Justin talks about what’s growing in the garden and bee hive updates. They also discuss plans for growing the future of the Urban Homestead   We’d love to hear your

  • Urban Homestead Radio Podcast: Mid Summer Updates

    In this episode, Justin talks about the challenges of keeping the yard growing thru the hot summer months, Anais shares an easy Gazpacho (cold soup recipe) Jordanne talks about plans to improve the hen’s compound and coop. The family also shares some insights on a volunteer or internship program that

  • Urban Homestead Radio Podcast: Hot Time, Summer In the City

    Justin updates on what’s growing in the garden and bee hives With the recent brutal heatwave Jordanne shares how to care for chickens in extreme heat. Anais talks about the recent Farm Tour & Dinner and shares a couple recipes and how she enjoys the challenges of using what’s in

  • Urban Homestead Radio Podcast: Summer Garden & Future Plans

    In this episode: Justin talks about what’s growing in the garden, how he deals with summertime heat and watering.   Anais & Jordanne discuss the plans for the upcoming farm dinner and tour and much more! We’d love to hear your feedback. Please leave ratings/reviews and comment what you think and

  • Urban Homestead Radio Podcast: One Year Podcast Anniversary

    In this 1 year anniversary episode, Justin, Anais and Jordanne discuss the latest homestead happenings – how the summer garden grows, beekeeping adventure on Father’s Day, their frustrations of trying to juggle growing forward and the future of the podcast. We’d love to hear your feedback. Please leave ratings/reviews and

  • Urban Homestead Radio Podcast: Interview with Jordanne Dervaes Part 2

    In this episode, Jordanne Dervaes continues her personal interview and shares how she is struggling to maintain a healthy balance personal and homestead life.  She also gives some insights on how the family is working through some difficult times as they work towards continuing the vision after the sudden death of