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May 20, 2010

Gardening is not a solo job – you rely on a realm beyond your understanding and faith that hard work will bring forth results. But there’s more to that than dirty fingernails and sore backs. It’s about giving back and we implement that practice by “tithing” our first fruits, returning them to the soil from which they came.

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | April 30, 2010

*Ten Rules of Edible Flowers for Edible Flower Recipes* 1. Eat flowers only when you are positive they are edible. 2. Just because flowers are served with food does not mean they are edible. (See rule #1) 3. Eat only the flowers that have been grown organically. 4. Do not eat flowers from florists, nurseries […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | April 25, 2010

Yesterday we celebrated taking care of the creation and being good stewards. Not to mention a lovely day with wonderful people. I would say over 50 “familiar” looking folks came by to swap howdies, of course ask about Amy and inquire about our new projects that are happening on the urban homestead like grey water, […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | April 18, 2010

Can you guess what one of our next project is? Hint: has to do with this plant in the picture. :: Field Hand Appreciation :: EM $100 and order from our online store.   We are extremely grateful for your generous support.  Thank you. THE ANSWER IS: Boy ya’ll are smart.  “Hops” is the mystery plant.   […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes |

Eating out Thursday night.   Yep, this is a rarity, a rarity I tell you, for us farm folks!    A friend of ours who knows we like to leave early suggested we stop by his favorite restaurant right across the street from the Santa Monica Library for a bite to eat before the presentation.  […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | March 26, 2010

Before the onslaught of summer – heat and heavy harvest season that tax the plants and soil. It’s that time of year to give the garden a spring booster shot! Here on the urban homestead not only is our primary effort to grow our own food – but soil.  Number one thing to remember when […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | March 23, 2010

Front porch farm stand Getting to know your farmer and where your food comes from. Our urban farming foray’s started back in the early 1990’s when Farmer D smother the front lawn to grow food. After 15 plus years supplying local restaurants we are now expanding our homegrown produce sales to be csa-like. These days, […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | March 11, 2010

Organic matter is known as the “soul of a healthy soil.” Adding compost to your yard or garden soil will help your plants grow bigger and healthier. The organic matter in compost helps soil hold on to nutrients and water. Composting saves you money Using compost as a soil conditioner or mulch reduces your need […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | February 10, 2010

Farmer D kicks off another growing season, inspiring the crowd saying that “big rewards can come from small spaces” Full house Keeping busy, I bring along knitting (it’s a scarf if you want to know) Jordanne takes questions and gives out advice Certainly was a wet n wild drive down to the OC Fair Grounds […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes |

Some folks have streets, buildings, parks named after them.  But here’s one of our youngest fans (left photo), Tristan, who named his chickens after Jordanne (right) and one of her favorite chickens, Clementine (left). So sweet and Jordanne is flattered! The right photo shows Jordanne with her black cochin Clementine. Like to take time and […]

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