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August 9, 2010

Across the nation, folks are down on their knees, hands dirty, seeds and trowel clench firming in hand determine to grow their own food. With hard work, effort and patience this hearty lot of homegrown soildiers will be blessed up to their eye balls in produce.

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | February 23, 2010

Though winter is still lingering (there’s a huge storm set to pound the LA area this weekend!), it’s canning time again! What’s in season is citrus and what’s on the stove top is marmalade!   Thanks to a local, organic supply of citrus from Sergio’s farm we gals are back in the kitchen – jammin. With […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | November 18, 2009

The Jr High School “Harvest Homesteaders” canathon finished up today. This time around we made up a batch of peach jam and spiced apple sauce. Peeling and cutting the apples.  I told the girls they should get extra credit for peeling and chopping the apples with an eco-plastic knives! One piece for the pot, one […]

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Harvest Homesteaders

Posted by Anais Dervaes | November 17, 2009

Jordanne & I gave a hands on canning workshop at a local girls high school today.    Seven enthusiast girls made a batch of delicious strawberry jam which will be donated to a local food bank for the holidays. The girls chop up the strawberries they got from the local Farmer’s Market Using the handcranked food […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | September 10, 2009

It’s a messy, sweaty, steamy and sometimes sticky work; but the fruits of our labors are certianly worth the hours of labor. With summer winding down, canning efforts have increased so that our cupboards will be stocked for fall and winter.  Here on the urban homestead we try not to purchase any canned food products […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | August 26, 2009

Following in an age old tradition here at the urban homestead we’ve been busy in our preservation efforts – canning, drying and brewing. Canning Made a batch of jalapeno jelly (first time trying this recipe and was quite pleased with the results)   After straining the liquid for the jelly, saved up the leftover chopped peppers […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | November 26, 2008

Our family are firmed believers that change begins at home.  And “Home” is certainly a hot word these days and touted as “one of the most radical thing you can do.” In the last year we’ve seen a growth of more and more people who are staycationing, growing their own food,  preserving, being crafty and […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | September 26, 2008

pink… or should I say green and yellow.  Pickling is in full swing here on the urban homestead.  Putting up pickled dilly beans and peppers. Without a pressure canner, pickling is a simple easy way to preserve the harvest using vinegar, spices, salt and into the hot water bath they go. More on pickling vegetables. […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | September 24, 2008

Another busy week of harvesting and preserving in our efforts to bring food security closer to home. While the kitchen is hub for the harvest happenings and we gals hang out with the likes of Ms Guava and Mr Pepper,  outside we shift gears into a fall garden mode. In the kitchen, since we had […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | August 13, 2008

Going Back to Basics Los Angeles chefs are happy to be in a pickle Pickling is as old school as the patés and prosciutto that often accompany its results. It’s a technique born of pre-refrigeration necessity and the cyclical pattern of gardens. Read full article In a Pickle? Do you have loads of vegetables and […]

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