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June 7, 2005

Cobber’s hand June gloom still lingers.   The sun did peak through yesterday (and may today); however, some days we barely see any sun whatsoever. The latest garden news is that we picked our first handful of beans of the season and two peaches. The tomatoes and cukes are looking lush and green with lots […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | June 6, 2005

Getting dirty! “A step backwards is progress” ~ Jules Dervaes ~ On Sunday, 15 people attended the cob oven workshop (not including us)  – some coming as far as Tehachapi (100 miles)  Unfortunately, due to the extensive hands-on nature of the workshop we had to limit the class size.  It was a great day for […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | May 24, 2005

Inner pieces of the cob oven Yesterday Ray (who’s going to be helping us build a cob oven) came over and dropped off some of the inner workings of the oven. Using scrap pieces, he’s welding together the inner skeleton.  Combining his “rocket fired oven” technique and traditional cob will make this oven quite unique.  […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | April 28, 2005

On Sunday, May 1 we are hosting Andy Lopez better known as ‘The Invisible Gardener’to give a talk on the use and benefits of rock dust.  Afterwards there’ll be a potluck where Jordanne & I will be serving homemade ‘MAY WINE PUNCH’ made with strawberries, sweet woodruff and edible flowers from the garden.    I […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | April 18, 2005

Model “lady bug” cob oven On Saturday we spent an interesting day participating in ‘Earth Day LA’ in Santa Monica at the fashionable 3rd St Promenade. By interesting I mean the whole atmosphere —  here we were, part of 60 “earth conscious” exhibitors in the middle of the trendy Promenade, surrounded by Paris Hilton wannabes […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | April 17, 2005

Chives & Sage The strawberries are ripening and Justin is collecting a handful each day, hoping to accumulate enough for his favorite strawberry dessert – strawberry bars! I have a huge container in the freezer of frozen blackberries from last summer and will combine the two and make “berry bars.” Stir-fry is on the menu […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | March 6, 2005

Our “old” place — 10 acres          Neighbor’s grazing land         School house where JD taught SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY HOME While we were in Florida we decided to visit the “old place” — the 10 acres JD owned in San Antonio Florida. Knowing that ‘progress’ is everywhere … reaching into the smallest of towns and changing […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | February 6, 2005

ULTIMATUM Winter months here allow us to take stock of the previous year and modify the yard accordingly. A few plants are being moved to other spots in the yard with the hopes that their new spot will encourage them to fruit. Goumi, Chilean guava, aronia and high bush cranberry have been disappointments. They’ve grown […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | December 20, 2004

The “normal” SoCal winter weather is back, with temps in the low 80’s to mid 70’s. We are really spoiled! Last Saturday, we enjoyed an afternoon hiking in the mountains with some friends. The day was really lovely and it was nice to get out in nature. With the recent rains the smells and sights […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | August 9, 2004

Photos courtesy of Julia Perkins, freelance photographer: Image © Julia C. Perkins “HI, MY NAME IS JULES, AND I WAS A GASAHOLIC” And I’ve haven’t touched a drop in two months. Last night PTF hosted its ever popular Biodiesel Mixer. We had a great turn out (about 40 attendees) with some coming as far away […]

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