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December 27, 2007

Recycled concrete curbing from old driveway Recycled Urbanite We’re reusing nice chunks of concrete curbing from the old driveway to make a bed alongside the north side of the house. Yesterday the guys spaced out the blueberries where they wanted them planted.    The blueberries did exceptionally well back in 2005 but had to be […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | February 11, 2007

Rain, Glorious Rain! After a week’s worth of transplanting and re-landscaping the rainfall is such a blessing! Reusing materials in the garden Reusing & Recycling Materials Edging that lasts is an essential in any garden, finding cheap and lasting materials is always a challenge too. With Habitat for Humanity’s “salvage” warehouse about a 1/2 mile […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | December 3, 2006

A local tree trimmer, and friend of ours, brought over some dry eucalyptus (a non native tree) firewood on Friday so we can crank up the new wood stove soon. In lieu of payment we bartered a few homemade preserves and item from the Peddler’s Wagon. Not a bad trade, especially when a cord of […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | August 23, 2006

Sorry for the late of postings, it’s been busy here on the homestead. Well, that’s nothing new, I suppose. Weather’s hot, back to typical August weather. Day of Rest & Reflection and Forward Thinking Saturday, we spent a quiet and relaxing day with a friend as we hiked in the local mountains. We walked up […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | July 20, 2006

HOT TIME IN THE CITY It’s another hot and sticky day. Frankly, the humidity is getting a bit tiresome; we aren’t used to that kind of weather here.   From what other readers are saying (even from “across the pond”), the heat is on! BOOKMARKS Britain endures hottest-ever July day Britain faced the hottest day […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | June 14, 2006

Shed The storage shed is practically finished – doors hung and window put in. The exterior of the shed was made from salvaged wood, leftover shingles from the garage roof, the doors and windows second hand. One thing about urban homesteading is that you need good storage. Half the shed now houses all the garden […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | May 23, 2006

Snapshots from the backyard Here are the latest photos from the backyard right after the rain storm yesterday.   You can see the new rock bed, lodge pole trellis, solar shower, one of our many composters, tomatoes, raised beds and entrance to our outdoor eating area and animal enclosure. Jordanne is working on thephoto gallery […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | March 26, 2006

Enjoying nature Yesterday was an ideal spring day to hike in the mountains, it’s been awhile since we been hiking since the past couple weekends has either been raining or had chance of rain The hillsides were vibrant with new growth and masses of colorful wildflowers brighten the lush green carpet of wild grasses. Saturday’s […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | February 1, 2006

Simple beauties The apple trees have started to bloom with their soft pinkish-white buds, a sure sign that spring is just around the corner. The bees are hovering around the blooming avocado and there are tiny flower buds readying to flower on the peaches and other stone fruits. Even a few of the strawberries are […]

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Posted by Anais Dervaes | January 10, 2006

Solar/greywater shower The sides were assembled and roof raised on the solar shower today. The shower will be heated by coiled black garden hose (bottom right pic) that will be mounted on the top of the shower. On one side of the shower is a gigantic compost bin and an assortment of edible fruit trees […]

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