July 13, 2014

UHC: Urban Homestead Community

Posted by Anais Dervaes

To celebrate 29 years homesteading in the city and 13 years blogging about it - the Urban Homestead is launching a "community shares" program.

Become an Urban Homestead Community Supporting "Resident"!

Purchase a Community Card for yourself or friend or family member. Use the Community Card to shop, socialize and learn new skills...faster and easier!

Urban Homestead Supply & Farmstand (online or front porch): produce, jams, preserves and more

Events: Workshops, Skill Shares, Farm Dinners, Socials and more

Plus receive exclusive Community discounts!

$10 off $100 if you sign up in July 2014!



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July 11, 2014

3H CLUB: Homeschooled, Homestead Helpers

Posted by Anais Dervaes

During our blogging absents we've been busy as bees.

Here at the Urban Homestead we recently started a volunteer program for homeshoolers called the "3HClub".  It's an opportunity for homeschoolers to not only volunteer  but further their education

Prepping plums

Barnyard chores

Soil blocking

What a wonderful opportunity it is for both of us to learn more and more life skills each year from each other- and have FUN too!

Such a blessing to have such great and enthusiastic helpers!


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