July 11, 2014

3H CLUB: Homeschooled, Homestead Helpers

Posted by Anais Dervaes

During our blogging absents we've been busy as bees.

Here at the Urban Homestead we recently started a volunteer program for homeshoolers called the "3HClub".  It's an opportunity for homeschoolers to not only volunteer  but further their education

Prepping plums

Barnyard chores

Soil blocking

What a wonderful opportunity it is for both of us to learn more and more life skills each year from each other- and have FUN too!

Such a blessing to have such great and enthusiastic helpers!


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  1. Never know how many future homesteaders will come of your program!

  2. Hello! I'm looking for information on city goat keeping, and was wondering if you might be able to share some resources. In particular, I'm wondering if you ever have an issue with parasite control from keeping animals in smaller spaces and how do you prevent this?


  3. Hello,

    I would like additional information on your homeschool program, "3HClub".

    Thank you!

  4. How do children join the 3H Club? Is there a link to more info?

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