May 29, 2012

GIVEAWAY: Global Garden Friends™ [Winner Announced!]

Posted by Jordanne Dervaes

We all have issues with plants that flop and sprawl;  collapsing under the weight of fruits or even from its own vines.  So how do you create order  out of the chaos that is your garden?  Global Garden Friends is a company dedicated to providing solutions with different kinds of plant support to open the center up, support flowers or fruit that are sloppy and unruly and give you a garden that’s organized and pleasing to the eye.  Who doesn't want that?  In addition, a properly supported plant is a happy plant!

Check this lovely little plant clip out... doesn't it look beautiful?  Function + beauty is such a delight to see.


Plant Clips

Ultimate Plant Clips

The Ultimate Plant Cage keeps plants growing in the right direction: UP!  Although the plant cage isn't designed to work with large tomato plants, it works great with pepper plants, and cherry tomato plants.

Ultimate Plant Cage

About Global Garden Friends

Global Garden Friends is a company dedicated to creating uniform, organized, and optimal gardening systems that works WITH your plants, not against them.  Global Garden Friends is a young company incorporated in 2009 but is full of potential and possibilities. Their first and flagship product is the “Ultimate Plant Cage.” Their latest hot seller is the “Ultimate Plant Clip”.  Let the good times grow!

How to Enter the Giveaway

One winner will receive 5 FREE Ultimate Plant Cages and 100 Ultimate Plant Clips!!!

You need to do three steps:

1.)  Comment below

2.) "Like" the page http://www.facebook.com/globalgardenfriends

3. Then "like" the status update mentioning the giveaway.


This giveaway will end on 6/7/2012 at 1 AM PST. Open to all persons in the United States of America (due to shipping issues).


How to Buy

If you can't wait to own one of these nifty products, check out Global Garden Friends' store and support an independent company who make a difference in more ways than one: http://globalgardenfriends.com/store/

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  1. I "liked" the photo, too!

  2. 152

    The clips are so cute! & believe it or not here in PR we cant find cages for plants in any store, not even HomeDepot... so that will be a great addition to my backyard garden!!!

  3. 153

    Cute clips! Hope I win!

  4. I love those clips! I followed all instructions and ... Good luck everyone!

  5. I especially appreciate that the plant clips look just a pretty as they are helpful. The plant cage is the same.

  6. What a wonderful idea! Looks a lot better than similar products out there

  7. Awesome clips, Looking good :)!!!

  8. Man! I wish I had known about these clips before we finished putting our garden together!

  9. 159

    Those plant supports are totally awesome. How cute!! I have some plants right now needing support from our wind we always seem to have.

  10. I love you guys!

  11. I think you guys are doing a fantastic job in showing the rest of the city dwellers how to move towards self sustenance!!!

  12. 162

    How cute!

  13. 163

    amazing clips! I love that these don't take away the beauty of the vines!

  14. Very cute and my plants could really use the support:)

  15. Oh, pick me! Pick me!

  16. Wow, these look totally awesome. I had never seen these before... Thank you for posting and for the contest..

  17. Cool item. Thanks for letting us know about it. TJ

  18. Now those could come in quite handy! And how cute they are!

  19. Ooo - this is amazing. Liked all required things!

  20. These look like nice little gadgets for the garden.

  21. Just wanted to let you know I'm sharing this give away on my Family Worm Farm FaceBook page. Please don't worry about entering me into the drawing as I intend to purchase some of the clips. Keep up the great work!

  22. i wonder if those cute plant clips will help my tomato plant grow up?

  23. Never had green thumb. Venus fly trap & cactus have died on me :(
    Hope my luck has changed! Definitely want to try planting with these items :)

  24. 174

    Would love to win some of these! I could really use them, now that my beans are getting bigger!

  25. 175

    I am so grateful for 'garden geniuses'!!!! these are AWESOME! I am use to using rebar and old nylon pantyhose cut in strips top hold my stuff up...especially my cucumbers. Thanks for an opportunity to win!! Good luck to all!

  26. 176

    Get Vertical!

  27. Love the clips. Thanks.

  28. 178

    This will get me started

  29. I love beauty and functionality combined. :)

  30. Charming!! Much easier on the eyes!

  31. These clips are beautiful, would be great on my new arbour. Have already liked this page on FB but will go back and like this posting....thanks for the post!

  32. Done :-)

  33. This is one of the best gardening ideas to come along in a while. I love the artistic nature of it.

  34. I really like the clips and I really, really want to try that plant cage.

  35. Wow - my garden sure could use these!

  36. 186

    What a wonderful idea and giveaway! Thanks!

  37. 187

    Lovely garden clips. Such a great idea!

  38. Great giveaway! I liked Global Garden Friends, liked the photo status update and here's my comment :)

  39. I Like the idea of the clips!

  40. These look great!

  41. These look so functional!

  42. I'd love to win!

  43. Very cool - I would love this for my garden!

  44. Crossing my fingers and toes! I am officially entered!