February 8, 2012

HARVEST TALLY: January 2012 Update: Giveaway Winner Announced

Posted by Anais Dervaes


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January Harvest Tally

201 lbs Produce

Eggs:     73 Duck       14 Chicken

Garden Report

The mild winter has really confused plants and humans alike.  Trees are blooming a might early (the bees are busy easy!) and the colder weather crops are going to seed faster.  Plus,  'tis the perfect temperature for aphids.  Boy, they are lovin' it under the row covers.   The Army of Aphids  was  camped out underneath the row covers; but, now  since we are having a mild  "winter" , we can  take the covers off.

The warm, dry winter weather has let us do a bit of garden improvements.  We fixed up one of the fence lines that had gotten away from us, added a few new raised beds, redesigned the front yard, built a new trellis and planter boxes (using recycled materials).  Even after 25 years, there is always room for improvements to be made as we learn to grow along with the garden and every year presents new challenges.   Weather, especially!

A few hundred soil block made  and seeds planted ( btw: we do have extra soil blocks seedlings available from time to time at the Front Porch Farm Stand  Open Sun- Fri  9 am - 7 pm )

In a few weeks,  time to start those summer crops!

Perennial herbs & fruit trees pruned and ready for spring!  Wildflower seeds sowed in the parkway and tucked in empty spaces in the garden to attract butterflies and beneficial insects.

Vegetable Planner Chart Giveaway

We are going to kick off the 2012 growing season by giving away Vegetable Chart each month this whole year!  Each time we post our monthly Harvest Tally we'll be giving away this handy chart answers the following:

When is my local frost date?
Vegetable Growing & Planting Times?
Indoor Planting Times for seed flats?
Seed Planting Times & Quantity?
Plants - When to purchase and plant?
How deep do they plant, and how far apart?


How big of garden do you have?

Are you planning on "growing more of your own groceries" this year?

Leave a comment in the box and if we receive over 100 "comments" we'll not only give away one, but THREE, charts!

NOTE: If you repost this giveaway via Twitter or Facebook or write about it on your blog - or anywhere online - you may ADD an additional comment or comments for each time you shared the link for additional chances to win! (Just make sure to share the url address in the comments box).

This giveaway will end on Feb 29 2011 at 12 PM PST. Open to all persons in the US and Canada.  ONE ENTRY PER PERSON

Winner will be chosen by Random.org and will be e-mailed. The winner has 48 hrs. to respond to e-mail or another winner will be chosen.

Let's Get Growing!


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  1. We have a 500 sf garden at our home in Chicago, plus 3 ducks and maybe some ducklings if our egg incubator works well. We grow lots of veggies, some herbs, some potatoes, cherries, raspberries, plums, blueberries and wine grapes. We are hoping for a good crop this year, especially now that the kids are old enough to help, or at least play independently. I love following your blog posts. Thanks for all of the good info!

  2. Our yard is 40'x50' we have two raised beds that are 4'x8' and a dozen large planters for the vegetables and we grow peaches, apricots, pears, apples, lemons, satsumas, almonds, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and grapes. We've run out of space to plant anything more.

  3. We have moved to a home that has 1.3 acres, from a postage stamp piece of property. My children and I had a tremendous garden last year, and all participated in it's success. We are looking at incorporating chickens this year, as they have an extreme desire to have fresh eggs and enjoy the opportunities that come with chickens. I work at a local mom and pop hardware store, over 100 years old and run the garden department. It has been exciting to meet and learn from our forever customers about their Urban lives, gardens, lifestyles, etc. Ranging from 8 year old - 90 years old! They have so much information and knowledge! This is a place where you can still get a handful of grass seed or a 50 lb bag. A place where you can buy your chicks, and all the equipment that goes along with it. We have been inspired to go back to the way things were "back then" and intend to pursue that lifestyle. An extreme change from the life we were living, but an intuitive choice to live the life we are supposed to be living. A natural one. A real one.Back to the core values, intentions, goals, foundations on which America was established. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to re-educate us, and we are on board for the future. And we are paying and passing it forward, 10 people at a time. 5 x10 on a daily basis, adds up! God Bless

  4. I plant many varities of tomatoes, peppers and herbs every year. I just finished building and elevated growing table for lettuce, carrots and garlic.

    I look forward every Winter to get my seed catalogs and order me seeds. I start them them in my garage and transplant when the weather gets nice.

  5. Gentlepersons,

    We are in Awe of what your family has done for 20 years!

    Based on you wonderful gardening expertise, we are starting a new kind of ministry website, which is not finished yet. It will be to communicate information on ways for pre-teen children, and old retired folkes, and families in third world nations to be able to learn how to grow their own design of our plans to help them with "self-sufficiency " gardening. We are still working on our "Tri-level, Organic, Tentnet, Squarecube (T.O.T.S.) garden final construction components, which will involve, grow tubs made from mushrooms, grown in a mold, heated to 150 degrees, which makes it an inert 2 foot by 2 foot by 1 foot deep tub, standing on 3 inch bamboo poles about 3.5 feet off of the ground. The lower, ground level part of the upsidedown , vertical garden will be the growing area for large root veggies like potatoes, carrots, turnips, etc. The underside of the second level is to grow upside down tomatoes, and everybearing strawberries, etc. And, the top level of the elevated, upsidedown 2x2x1 foot tub is to grow small root veggies like lettuce, radishes, kale, spinach, etc. We have experimented for two years and we have been able to have a lettuce and tomato sandwich for a family of 4 , everyday, for a solid 12 month, year around season. Our extrapolation of this experiment would be that 24 of these inexpensive T.O.T.S. home made gardens would feed a family of 4, all year around with all of the tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, lettuce, sp;inach, and kale that the family could eat, and would also supply some stored food by dehydrating (in a small sun dehydrator) and vacuum packing it in small cellophane (no plastic) bags from a $50 Wal-Mart partial vacuum packaging machine. We call our program God's ....Sonshine, Oxygen, Water, Earth and Seeds (S.O.W.E.S.) Ministry and we call the food storage God's (Joseph of Egypt Factor Ministry) which is activated by the concept of "Diverting, Essential, Economic Dollars) in our "Good D.E.E.D.$" Ministry by growing our own Home Patio or Home Back Yard Garden Foods, and taking the money that we would have spent on the food, and using it to buy the logistics to set up these gardens in U.S.A. poor people's areas by asking Christian Families to allow "Share Cropping" usage of their backyards to "Poverty Level" Americans to grow their own T.O.T.S. gardens in their more fortunate American Christian Family backyards and patios. We also believe that every Californian family that has a space to grow food and dehydrate it and partially vacuum pack it, should do so, because it is always good to be ready for the BIG CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKE DISASTER which Cal Tech says is 160 years overdue. Of course, the preserved foods need to be rotated so that what God has provided can be "given away to food pantry ministries to the "widows, orphans and the poor" per God's instructions in His Written Words. These older preserved foods need to be moved to make room, each season, in the hall closet for the newly preserved foods.
    We are suggesting that a normal hall closet, containing peg board with long
    pegs, when completely full of dehydrated, vacuum packed foods, will last a family for a year, until FEMA might get to them if they needed to survive until FEMA can figure our a way to ship the foods from the California Mainland to the new California Island after the BIG EARTHQUAKE! After all, the majority of the 38 Million Californians will be on the devestated California Island in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, with no airports that will be smooth enough to land, and no roads connected to the Eastern California Mainland as the techtonic plates move away and form an Baja kind of separation from the Mainland of the United States with lots of water between the two and not enough boats to ship the food for $30 million Californians on the California Island. (We just imagined this disaster senario....but, it is possible....and why not go along with God's S.O.W.E.S. and man's T.O.T.S. garden design, and start doing Good D.E.E.D.$ for yourself and your neighbors so you have enough preserved food in your hall closet to feed yourself and your neighbors (so your neighbors don't need to kill you for your food until FEMA is able to help them have food.) Is it really good to depend, entirely, on FEMA based on their past performances in helping Americans in disaster needs. Reverend Honorary Doctorates, Chuck and Margo Benson. (We are in our 80's so we will probably miss the BIG EVENT if it keeps on delaying.)

  6. Hello! I have been admiring you guys from afar for many years now. I aspire to grow 1/3 the amount you do. I do, however, live in WI, which can be a bit tricky. would love one of the garden planners! Oh, I'm planning on growing at least as much as I did last year which made up for about 75% of our food!

  7. How big is my garden? Every year it gets a little bit bigger! This year the veggie bed will be about 20x20 and the herb beds will remain the same (6x10). Who knows how big they'll expand to next year!

  8. Taking my cue from you, I've converted all 800 Sq. Ft. of my front yard in downtown Long Beach into raised beds and am in the process of planting a variety of fruits and veggies for my family.

  9. Hi,
    You have an absolutely wonderful operation there. I wish I could do half that. I have a 5'X10" raised garden. Last summer I planted 8 tomato plants (heirloom) 7 different pepper plants, serano, italian pepper, organic banana pepper, sweet banana pepper, purple bell pepper, red bell pepper, green bell pepper. radishes, scallions (we normally call these green onions in Illinois, but now I'm in the south, I will call them scallions). I was away a lot of the winter, so I did not grow any winter plants. Right now I am planting brussel sprouts, curly kale (love it), 1 Big boy and 1 better boy tomato plant, (for my husband). I am going to get some collards, and swiss chard this week and get it in the garden. I am also planting some Cilantro...I love it and hope it does well. I am putting a couple of pepper plants in this week also.Last year the only pepper plant that did well was the sweet banana pepper, it was like the energizer bunny it kept producing, I could not pick them fast enough. I like a pepper with a kick, but the italian and the serano did nothing. I haven"t a clue why. I'm also adding some italian parsley and some more tomato plants just a couple, definitely organic. Not enough room for much more.
    Thank you for the inspiration. I think I will have my husband build me another 5"X10" raised garden next to the one I have.
    Good luck this year
    Julie Atteberry

  10. Oh, I'm just squeaking in under the deadline!
    I'm in the process of planning my first vegetable garden. I live in the woods, so I'm not sure I have enough sunny space, but I'll see how it goes.
    Thanks for the chance~Eileen

  11. I definitely plan on growing more of my own groceries this year. Last year I did grow some veggies but got a late start on planting. I had a couple of heirloom tomatoes, purple peppers, hot peppers, and herbs. Hoping to be more on the ball this year and try out raised beds as the soil here isn't that great!