March 7, 2011


Posted by Anais Dervaes

Dear Readers

These last few weeks, the blogosphere and certain media outlets have been full of unfounded and false reports that have led to a smear campaign against members of our family. Unfortunately, there is much published misinformation, but one valid point was brought to my attention.

Back in 2008, I did  some research about "Victory Gardens" for a post used on this( Little Homestead in the City) site and our sister site FreedomGardens.org. I used three sources, citing two but omitting to credit one of the paragraphs (the content was that of a time-line and it was never my intention to claim these words as my own). See http://freedomgardens.org/about-2/history-of-garden-movements/  Yet a mistake was made and for that I am sorry and do apologize.

Right after the error was pointed out last week, I edited the post by adding the proper quotation formatting and source citation. I appreciated the chance to correct my mistake and rectify the inadvertent oversight.

Although the oversight was not brought to my attention in a private and direct manner, correction is correction and there is always room for improvement. So I hope to strive to  be more careful, making sure I check for omissions, etc., in the future.

Thank you for allowing me the chance to correct my mistake.
Anais Dervaes

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  1. Anais,
    The first I heard of any negative reports about your family was from you. I have not gone looking for what is being said, but I can tell you I would not believe what I read anyway. I believe your family to be real and genuine. I guess people out there have nothing better to do then attack a hard working family who are trying to live a simple life in a world that is far from simple. Just try not to let all that bother you, and keep up the good work!
    Jen C. (nor-cal)

  2. I think it is great of you to go back to 2008, correct said error, and post about it with such grace. Everyone makes mistakes. I feel bad that all this mudslinging is going on.

    A fan for ever!

  3. What you all do is just amazing! You inspire alot of small city lot owners. I really hope any crazy things going on will not make you doubt this for a second! Good luck to you in the future,and continue doing such a wonderful job-Kari

  4. No problem. :)

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