September 4, 2007

Rose petal syrup recipe

Posted by Dervaes

Q. Would you share your rose syrup recipe?

A. I love making rose petal syrup - so aromatic and very pleasant. Of course with this recipe I LEAVE OUT the artificial coloring - who needs it?

Rose Petal Syrup

Rose petals are not just ornamental, they make a delicious syrup.

Chef: Sally Wise

A lovely syrup with a rose flavour and aroma

You need:
4 cups rose petals
2 cups water
2 cups sugar
red food colouring (optional)

Simmer rose petals with water and sugar for one hour. Add drops of red food colouring to get desired colour.

Strain through a fine seive.

Bring back to the boil and put in hot sterilised bottles.

Recipe courtesy: http://www.abc.net.au/hobart/stories/s586825.htm

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  1. I made Rose Petal Jam one year from our roses. Only one out of 9 us liked it. lol DH said it tasted like we were eating perfume.

    Only the now 8 yo ds ate it. He has asked me recently if I would make him some more.

    • @Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings,

      I am making some syrup as I write this.
      I have had it infused in vanilla pudding in Indian Restaraunts. The other night was in an Israeli Rest. and they had made vanilla pudding and poured the rose syrup over top with pistachio pieces sprinkled as a garni.
      Amazing stuff!
      I also like to make a Rose Iced Tea with it as well. Just add as much of the syrup to water that you like to taste over a tall glass of ice.
      Beautiful if served with a few fresh rose petals in it for a girls lunch. Especially if served from a beautiful clear pitcher into tall skinny glasses.
      Wonderful earthly delights!

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