A Homegrown Community Co-operative

Sprouted in 1995, our homegrown business has organically evolved with the changing times.   For 14 years we supplied local restaurants and caterers with seasonal produce, herbs & edible flowers.

In 2009  we turned a new leaf and opened up a farmstand on our front porch.  Featuring foods from our small city farm in addition to local organic farms and food artisans.

At the Urban Homestead’s farmstand we are dedicated in providing the community with local quality produce & products.   Pick up freshly picked greens, local raw honey, seasonal preserves, heirloom seeds or sign up for our FARM BOX PROGRAM.


The farmstand is open by appointment: either email -or- call/text ahead (626.765.5704)  We accept all major credit cards and California’s EBT program.

Please understand we are NOT able to offer tours during farmstand business hours.
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We are always on the lookout for local farmers or food artisans.  Would you like for us to carry your produce or product?  Contact us or stop by and drop off a sample.