Urban Homestead is a private home and working urban farm. Our family receives no grants or subsidies and we support the Urban Homestead through using our time productively. Although we would love to share our farm with you, the increasing demands on our time has made us unable to give spur-of-the-moment tours of the property or allow any walk-throughs of the yard/garden.

We do very much enjoy meeting people and seeing them become inspired by our project.  Unfortunately, when people arrive unexpected — hoping to be able walk around or be given a tour — it catches us by surprise, interrupts our work and kind of makes us feel really, really bad that we have to say, “Sorry, no.”

We realize that some of you may have come a long distance to see the place but we cannot make exceptions to our policy – sorry! Thank you for understanding.


We have NO public hours.  The house and garden grounds are CLOSED to the public during our Farmbox Pickup hours, workshops and events. 

Tour days are announced on our calendar.

If you are a group (school, scout, etc) Please email us to set up a GROUP TOUR.

Taking Pictures or Videos

It’s standard practice of many farms to prohibit photography without expressed permission of the owners. Personal photos ARE ALLOWED at workshops and events.

If you are interested in doing a photo or video shoot, please contact us through our Location Filming & Photography page.